HiPP Organic Oat Porridge BIO From 4MONTHS 200g

HiPP Organic Oat Porridge BIO From 4MONTHS 200g

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HiPP Organic Oat Porridgefor babies from 4 months old.

  • NO Added Sugar (contains naturally occurring sugars)
  • Carefully Selected Organic Grains
  • Contains Vitamin B1 - important for the proper functioning of the nervous system
  • Gluten-Free Oats (100%)
  • NO Added Aromas
  • the porridge Can Be Served with Hypoallergenic Milk (HA) or as a Dairy-Free Cereal with Fruit

HiPP BIO mark is a guarantee of:

  • Over 260 inspections of each product and 60 years of experience in organic farming.
  • Natural, organic cereal grains - from crops without the use of artificial fertilizers and other chemicals (in accordance with stringent quality and regulations standards).
  • It is a Product with an ecological certificate - in accordance with EU law.

Ingredients: Whole grain oatmeal * 100%, vitamin B1.

* from organic farming

Nutritional values ​​(%) Nutritional value in 100 g of powder
energy value 1736 kJ/411 kcal
fat, including: 7,0 g
- Saturated fatty acids 1,3 g
carbohydrates, including: 71,2 g
- sugars* 1,5 g
fiber 7,8 g
protein 12 g
salt** <0,05 g
sodium <0,02 g
thiamin (vitamin B1) 1,6 mg (320%**)

  • 22 g HiPP porridge + 18.8 g HiPP 2 COMBIOTIK® milk + 200 ml water.
  • The nutritional values ​​per serving may vary depending on the preparation method.
  • The package contains approx. 9 portions of porridge.
  • **% of the recommended daily intake.
  • * contains naturally occurring sugars.
  • ** the salt content is only due to the presence of naturally occurring sodium.